Your Trusted Partner for Riding

We want to make renting a bike as simple and personal as driving your own.

Renting a bike brings you the freedom and we’ll help you find the right bike for you at a great price.

WE are one of the updated and fusses free online bike Rental Company in Bangladesh from start to finish. You will have your freedom to discover BANGLADESH with us. WE have a wide range of City, Sporty, Adventure, Cruiser, bike in the pool to meet everyday bike rental needs. WE believe to provide expert knowledge friendly service and above all fantastic fully inclusive prices to thousands of satisfied customers on a regular basis for their business or holiday purpose.

So what’s all the fuss about?

It’s not just about price; it’s about quality and choice. We are currently working with a good number of own fleet parallel with major fleet suppliers in Bangladesh to provide you high-quality vehicles on time as needed.

Yeah, that’s nice but what’s included?

Bike Rentals Limited fleets are chauffeur driven all the way, so don’t worry! We have a fixed price, inclusive of fuel and chauffeur cost, which offer you hassle-free travel.